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Transition & Transformation At reViiVd we are very aware that we just “don’t know what we don’t know”. This is true at the start of every project we undertake. For that reason we provide our services tailored to your needs - reducing your risk wherever possible. Phase 1 - The Initial Review is conducted entirely at our risk. Yes at reViiVd’s risk! Let us review the issues and advise you what, if anything, is required. If you agree... contract with us for the Transition and Transformation stages. If not - walk away - No Risk! Phase 2 - Transition and Transformation.  Again, until a programme is started we cannot be absolutely clear of the path to the final outcome. That’s why our contract with you will include multiple stage reviews and associated breakpoints. You remain in charge at all times.
Initial Review Up to 2 days due diligence conducted by reViiVd on a contingency basis.    
Strategic Business Reviews,, Board Level Advice, Management Mentoring, Operational Process & Procedural Reviews, IT Strategy Review/Implementation, Agile Process Application, Introduction of New Technologies (Cloud etc.) LEAN Coaching, Waste Reduction, Cost Control, Channel Review/management, Sourcing Review/management, Programme & Project Management, Behavioural Analysis, Interim Management
No Risk Expert Advice  
Staging Fees All Transition and Transformation work will be provided with review milestones (and associated contractual breakpoints)  
Don’t just “shuffle the chairs” Make a change that is meaningful and lasting!
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